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CU-structural soil®

Solution for the occasional passage of vehicles on the turf in pictures

CU-structural soil® -3152

It is possible to plant trees under pavement and be confident that they will grow to maturity. CU-Structural soil® can be used as both a foundation for sidewalks and as a substrate for trees, meeting the requirements of both engineers and arborists. This mix, developed by Cornell University in 1995 under the trade name CU-Soil®, has been successfully used in Canada since 1997.  Maximal density: 2100 kg/m³.
The CU-soil® also provides a good foundation for grass surfaces that may be driven on occasionally by heavy vehicles.
Limited quantity available in:
  • Alfred
  • Boucherville
  • Charny
  • Laval

Amereq Inc.
Manufacturer and authorized distributor of the brand CU-soil(R)