Our history

The history of Materiaux Paysagers Savaria is rich, here is a brief preview.

  • MPSL was established in Boucherville in 1945 by Lionel Savaria. His son, Pierre-Yves Savaria, took over from him in the 1970s.
  • In 1998, Steve Savaria began to play an active role in the family business.
  • Since 2002, MPSL has experienced rapid expansion and now offers more than 75 products in 5 locations throughout Quebec and Ontario.
  • In 2012, Steve Savaria is recipient of “Prix de la relève FIHOQ – La Coop Fédérée” highlighting his work in recent years.


Summer mission

We specialize in the production and distribution of materials such as soil mixes, sands, mulches, composts, and stones, respecting and even exceeding all reference standards and related specifications. Among our services, we offer custom product development, product delivery, and specialized machinery rentals. We are constantly growing our expertise to serve professionals and other stakeholders working in the areas of horticulture, leisure, environment, and construction in North America.


Winter Mission

We are committed to providing the highest standard of service as well as ensuring user safety by carrying out quick and efficient snow removal operations for our customers in the municipal, commercial, institutional, and industrial sectors. Our expert team and full range of specialized equipment enable us to guarantee the quality of our work and our customers’ satisfaction.

Our Values

Customer service excellence

Our dedication to service excellence is characterized by our attention to and compliance with our customers’ requirements. We listen closely to their requests, are flexible in adapting to their needs, and help them to make informed decisions by providing timely and accurate information.

We also earn our customers’ trust due to the absolute transparency with which we approach all our business dealings.

Expertise and innovation

We reflect these values in two ways: first, by our untiring pursuit of improvement, and second, through wise management of our human resources. On the one hand, we constantly review our procedures, thereby paving the way to innovative solutions.

On the other hand, we make sure that the expertise we provide keeps pace with new advances, not only by choosing qualified human resources, but by providing them with ongoing training.


This value is reflected in our commitment to quality and standards, to guaranteeing that work is done well and meets deadlines, and ultimately, that organizational goals are achieved.

Teamwork and collaboration

Cooperation is achieved as we join forces to reach common goals.

It is built on the friendly and genuine relationships that exist among our colleagues and clients, nourished by open discussion that takes advantage of individual expertise and shared best practices.


Well-being and pleasure at work

Our concern for the well-being of company employees results in a balanced lifestyle, a healthy and safe work environment, and management practices that promote employee commitment.

We enjoy what we do; we smile a lot; we breathe good humor and a positive spirit.)

Our expertise

Our specialties:


Silt fence

Ramial chipped wood mulch (RCW)


CU-Structural Soil(R)

River pebbles


Crushed stone


Golf courses

Sports fields

Soil mixes

Specialized products:


Retention ponds



Erosion control

Sediment control


Load-bearing grass

Rain gardens


Aquatic plants



Green roofs



On-site sifting and amendment

Commercial and municipal snow removal

Equipment rental

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