Equipment rental

At Materiaux Paysagers Savaria Ltd, we own various types of equipment that can help you do the work you want.
Do not hesitate to contact Steve Savaria for further information.
All of this equipment may be rented with or without hiring an operator; by the hour, day, week or month.

Partial list of available equipment

Mini mechanical sweeper for bike path

Large mechanical street sweeper


Wheel loader 2,5 cu.yd

Wheel loader 4,0 cu.yd

Wheel loader 4,5 cu.yd

Wheel loader 5,5 cu.yd

Wheel loader 7,0 cu.yd

Mini wheel loader 0,75 cu.yd

Mini wheel loader 1 cu.yd

Sidewalk washer

Hydraulic excavator 20 tons

Hydraulic excavator 24 tons

Hydraulic excavator 29 tons

Hydraulic excavator 35 tons

High-powered snow blower

Rotary screener

Vibrating screen

Stargear screen

Snow removal

Winter mission : Clearing the snow from more than 300 km of roads and 800,000 m² of parking lots while ensuring the safety of citizens and users.


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